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tv   Fox 5 News Edge at 6  FOX  September 30, 2010 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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of heavy rain and any of them can produce an inch. to true view, i want you to see why we're concerned and that will come from this batch of moisture and we can track this to wilmington where the remnants of tropical storm nicole is coming through. and looks like it's tracking over the same areas that had four to eight inches of rain and going to say a one to three additional and most of the area is under a flash flood warning until 10:45 and a few counties are accepted and that means all the waterways will rise rapidly with the next round of rain coming in and be careful at night and don't drive doing that and we need a drier forecast. the rain and wind creating
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headaches across d.c. the powerful winds brought down trees, high water from creeks and streams, flooded several streets and making it tough to get around. paul wagner takes a look at what is happening inside the beltway in the banks of rock creek park and silver springs. >> reporter: some of what -- some of the worse is here and medobrooke stables is here and this is east-west highway and behind me here was rock creek awhile ago and it's gone down and had -- in the banks and was rageing here a couple of hours ago and subsided a bit now and went down several feet and look at the other stuff we found. a weird weather day? yes, it was. it was enough rain to swell the creek and not enough to cause major flooding and only parts of beach drive in montgomery count he to be closed and that
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is in the low-lying areas and that rain would come and go and by early afternoon, the wind picked up, knockings over trees in the area. one came down on glenn brook road in northwest and over on rhode island avenue there was a bit of trouble when there was a flash flood underneath the metro rail path in northeast. >> and -- to get to the bridge. was that -- raining that hard and we didn't know that the water kept coming. and by the time -- on the hill, the water was coming so fast. it was taking me under. >> reporter: a number of people were upset by what happened. the cars were engulfed by the water and they were flooded out and that is a lot of damage
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done there. >> paul wagner inside and talk about some high water problems in virginia. didn't take long before the low- lying stretch of browns mill road was flooded in vienna. a car partly submerged. you see it there and turn around. flooding problems in maryland as well. there have been reports of possible waterspouts and waves can causing coastal flooding and let's continue in maryland and bob barnard is live in annapolis and taking a beating from the heavy rains and mixing the tide, bob and that is a real mess. >> reporter: that's right, high tide is not for another 5 1/2 hours and that is coming out of the city dock harbor here and over the sidewalk. you can see, we'll follow it across here and that is underwater and the street here and businesses are closed and there he is on sand bags and in
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front of the ice crime shop and was basically damaged and destroyed, $40,000 in repairs them and spoke this time -- to them a short time ago. >> i'm unnerved by this because high tide is not supposed to be until 11:30. >> i get a few more sand bags, i will make it. >> not going to see -- but it could have given us more sand bags and that is cheap. why did you come down? >> taking pictures. >>. that is interesting. >> my car got flooded early jeer and not too bad. >> and all over the city dealing with everything from downed trees and basements needing pumping out and prioritizing the hazardous situations. the main focus is later this evening and that is as flooded
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as it is, the high tide is going to come around 11:30 and because the wins have been comings up the bay and pushing the water up. the water hasn't been able to recede. only a couple of inches and that is going to be another six to eight inches and looking live, standing in the doorway and seven years ago was destroyed. the building wasn't but the equipment inside to the tune of $40,000 ensures -- insures him. the premiums being this close to the water would be prohibited and he's hoping for more sand bags, the mayor is promising, mayor cohen said in this hour they'll have more sand bags and for the nearby residents and high tide at 11:30. >> and if you go to the street there, to the left, there is a
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knick-knack store and there is a picture of what isabel did and i know the water was up to the market house, which you showed us there and a long way to go. >> and -- yeah, brian, look here and this is that waterfront here. the people say it will probably come over the tallest part of the sea wall and that is flowing from the sevemern river into the city. >> hoping for the best. bob barnard, life for us tonight. viewers have been flooding the website with weather photos, pun intended and this is sent in to us by a woman in saint parents -- maries county, maryland. we have links on the front of the home page. and maryland's first casino is officially open. although it's slots only
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gambling, some of the machines are designed to emulate the table games at regular casinos. >> reporter: the ceremonial rib know -- . >> 2, 1. >> yeah! >> reporter: all right. has been cut in perryville, nearly two years after maryland voters decisively approve the introduction of slots parlors and though they have come to legalize later, the new $98 million emporium is designed to capture the business. >> and we're preventing the dollars from leaving and they staying here. and. >> reporter: the 1500-slot machine facility finished early. they decided to open early on monday. customers found this place quickly. and the average number of people, 7,000 a day. >> reporter: along them, this
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baltimore resident who thinks nearby gaming is overdue. >> have you played slots in other states? >> yes, i have. >> and you were the terms of the gambling license, 67% is the profit from each machine and this is technically a slots- only parlor, some of the machines are designed to compete with nearby table gaming, this is roulette and three-card poker and this is electronic black jack complete with a virtual deal and in perryville, maryland. >> reporter: new information about a charter bus crash. still ahead on the news edge, the 911 calls from drivers who watched it plunge to the ground. and forced to pay ambulance fees. why the issue will be decided by voters. and a big bank halts some of the foreclosures.
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why analysts believe the housing market will actually suffer if other lenders follow suit.
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>> new insight into the moments just after yesterday's charter bus crash off of the i-2 support sky ramp. officials released 911 calls today from passing drivers. >> a camer or bus went over from the bridge and landed on 270 north. >> the commuter bus hit the
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guardrail and slipped off 270. >> i could see it and that it was a vehicle up high on the overpass and i don't know if they lost control. >> reporter: maryland state police officials are waiting for an autopsy. they will help determine how the crash happened. the traffic safety experts say the location of the crash is breaking new scrutiny overall. they want more barriers and fencing to keep from crashing roadways below. the government reports on a disaster in baltimore called for better -- better designs as far back as six years ago. and in maryland's court of appeals reversed a lower court ruling, meaning that the fee will appear on the november ballot. and the controversy over thousands of rejected signatures prompted a referendum. and still ahead on the
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edge, the lender putting a freeze on foreclosures and the impact that could have on the housing market overall. and keeping a close eye on radar and that is moving in our direction. i will show you the future scan to see when that is coming out of here. and there is a celebration last night. family and friends of my pal, your pal, sue palka joined us live on the set to celebrate the 25th anniversary and joined the fox 5 team in september of 1995. log on to to watch our special tribute to one of the best forecasters in town. i'm going go on the lem and say the best. -- the limb and say the best.
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>> foreclosures suspended, allegations of fraud swirling. j.p. morgan chase the second lender accused of using robo signers to approve foreclosures. chase and ally financial have halted the foreclosures while reviewing the procedures and some are calling for criminal charges. melanie alnwick has more. >> reporter: two-plus years after the foreclosure crisis began, you would think we would be almost out of the woods. not even close and said maureen friar. >> we know from our studies delinquencies are up and foreclosures will continue.
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>> reporter: mucking up the situation more, revelations by two mortgage lenders. ally financial and j.p. morgan chase, that the employees were pushing through foreclosures without reviewing the paperwork for accuracy. >> sounds like they were processing them quickly for some and not applying what was necessary. >> reporter: they signed off on 10,000 to 18,000 foreclosures a month. ally and j.p. morgan chase have both said they will halt some of the foreclosures to review the procedures and many believe other lenders will do the same. >> people signed without reading and understanding and we think slowing it down is a good idea. some economists believe too much of a slowdown could further hurt the housing market. with unemployment high and home values low, the foreclosure hangover is going to be around for awhile and possible foreclosure fraud
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investigations could make it linger longer. >> isn't it funny a week ago, we were saying we need rain and we have too much rain now and the flash flood warning is expended -- extended to go until midnight and that is because we have new lines of rain and you have not has much. i am concerned about what is going on here and on the del marva, we continue to have another fetch 6 moisture coming in and you will be able to see this is where we have come and this is beginning to fill in to the south. and that is going to produce an additional one to three inches of rain and that is going to put us up and over the one foot
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mark and this is the last gasp of our tropical connection and the front is coming through and swinging out of here and like a sponge with too much water, that is what is happening across the region and when this comes up, flooding is happening fast and be careful if you're out there and reagan national, 2 1/2 inches of rain and did not set a record there and dulles, three inches for the day and the huge totals in places like anne arundel county and the annapolis area and the september mary's county and patuxent area and we had over eight inches of rain and patuxent river, 9 inches and an additional one to three and that is if you don't get a thunderstorm and that could happen.
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i think this did a fantastic job of showing where the heaviest band will set up in the last few runs here and there is where we think the corridor will be and to the west, it's not so heavy. winchester had over an inch and we run this through the 10:00 hour and there is that heavy ban moving from the west side of the bay to the del marva and you're going to get it, too. by 7 met morning, still showers try ing to linger, especially east of the bay, east of 95 and should begin to clear on out. we get to the noon hour, the sunshine is breaking out west of d.c. and the clouds are thinning everywhere else and a badly-needed drying process begins and saturday at 7:00, we have a descent day on saturday and could there be a few showers around on sunday? pop-up because cold air is coming in and that could happen. how much rain are we talking about when this is all done? let's give you the rain totals here. to the west, two to four inches and from washington to the east and 95 to the east, talking
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five to 9 inches and may be put a plus symbol. they go until 12:15 in the morning, including prince charles county and the district that is not included. i know it's too much, information overload and there is a tornado watch until 7:00 for some of the eastern counties. some of the next batch of rain could contain gusty thunderstorms and that they could rotate. tomorrow's 75 after the tropical 81 we had today and cooler through the weekend, a hit-or-miss shower and mid-60s is going to be great. the first field of fall and a dry pattern. friends and former teammates prepare to face off on the field. michael vick talks about the special relationship with donovan mcnabb.
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four years ago, bob ehrlich got fired as governor of maryland. for good reason. first, he protected tax loopholes for giant cable cable companies. then, he let utilities jack up our rates 72%. and for the last four years, he worked as a hired gun for big corporations, even a bank that took billions from a taxpayer funded bailout. ehrlich sides with corporate executives again and again and again tell bob ehrlich big banks and billionares don't need help. middle class marylanders do.
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good evening, i'm dave feldman. a year ago when michael vick was struggling with the comeback, he needed good friends and some that he could talk to. cue donovan mcnabb and now they will square off 4:15 on fox. mcnabb was synonomous with the eagles franchise for a season. and led femey to five nfl games and a super bowl and changed when he was traded to the redskins in april and michael vick assumed the starting role with the eagles.
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they go way back and donovan did his best to recruit vick and mcnabb is pleased at how vick made the most of his second chance. >> mike and i have been very good friends for almost 15 years now. so, i am just happy to thahe's had this opportunity and he's -- happy that he's had the opportunity and she understanding the role and is doing well. >> happy that he was instrumental in bringing he mere me here and our paths went separate ways. he's a great quarterback and competitor. >> now, the question is, what role will portis have on sunday? last week against the rams, had a 27-yard run and criticized for falling down on the play and ended up -- with ryan and he was asked if that one run cost him playing time in the second half.
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>> i have no idea and i didn't get into detail about it and you can watch the run over and over and over again. i would do the same thing with five people around me. may be i could have picked up four more yards. that won't determine the outcome of the game. >> and he'll give you great effort. i haven't been around him where he hasn't given 110% and he's one of the most competitive individuals i have have been around. >> that is cleared up. last night, adam du in, n could have played in his final game as a national and came to the plate in the 9th and received a standing ovation and strike out the fourth time and made a lasting impression on him. >> you can't put that into words and that is -- that is the first time in a long time i
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have had the feeling. i wouldn't call them nerves but jitters. >> and at 10, we'll get to know artist hicks, the former teammate of mcnabb and philly. and back to you. did you know that sue palka has been here 25 years? >> i heard that. >> i don't know if anyone knows. >> we haven't seen her enough this half hour. and the good news, almost a new monthing, guys and that begins tomorrow. look at all the heavy rain and banding move -- bands moving from the south. >> thank you, sue. you have the news edge. the news is always on back here at 10. hope you will be here, too. stay dry. well, i love a deal on a designer bag as much as the next girl! love! i love love love! as a buyer for t.j.maxx, i'm always on the hunt.
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